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Hairstroke Eyebrows

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True likeness pictures ~ A selection of Renée’s recent work. Click on the images to enlarge.

Natasha: Before

Natasha: After

Helen: Before

Helen: After

Erica: Before

Erica: After

Charlotte: Before

Charlotte: After

What options does TDC offer for eyebrows?
  • Nano Hair Stroke
  • Powder Brows
  • Combination Eyebrows
What option is best for me?

For the most realistic and natural effect ‘nano hair stroke eyebrows’ produces ultra fine hair strokes to fill or create the perfect brows.

Powder brows also known as ombré brows are the very latest in cosmetic tattoo trends for eyebrows and produces a powder effect with soft edges for more of a filled brow effect, without looking tattooed.  Together with our translucent pigment range the soft powder effect is another great option if you prefer your eyebrows looking fuller.

Combination brows are a combination of hair strokes plus the powder effect for fuller yet still natural and realistic eyebrows.

Does The Dermatography Clinic offer microblading?

Renée does not consider microblading an option for The Dermatography Clinic.  Microblading is a primitive method of cosmetic tattoo for the eyebrows. Pigment is applied into the skin by using a hand tool with a series of needles and dragging it through the skin to create tiny cuts which mimic fine strokes.  Microblading is more aggressive and eyebrows are very pink immediately after.

At The Dermatography Clinic pigment is implanted under your skin with a digital state-of-the-art hand piece instead of a manual handheld tool.  As with Microblading it produces ultra fine hair strokes to fill or create the perfect brows.  With the device results are longer lasting and trauma is kept to a minimum.  There is no risk of scaring, no bleeding and hair strokes can be crossed over which gives a more natural and realistic overall effect.

We use specially developed needles pioneered and exclusively produced to create ultra crisp super fine strokes and together with expert technique there is no difference in the immediate outcome when using the machine.

Results last 1-3 years and you can go out immediately after.

What is the healing period like?

In the initial days after treatment, care should be taken to keep the eyebrows clean and dry.  Other than this you can continue with your schedule as you normally would with no down-time.

Detailed aftercare instructions will be given specific to each treatment.

Does it look natural?

During the first few days after the procedure is performed the pigmented area will look a little darker than your desired shade. However, after the dryness flakes off, the colour will lighten by up to 30%.

The finished results will appear very natural and your features will look more defined. Your overall look will be brightened and refreshed. Your friends will never know what the difference is unless you choose to tell them. These treatments offer a major breakthrough in permanent cosmetics.

When applied correctly they can give the impression of a mini facelift making you appear 10 years younger without surgery.

Renée’s creative expertise and up-to date knowledge of pigment implantation will always result in a natural and realistic enhancement complementing your features.


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