the treatment

Permanent makeup eyeliner and lash line enhancements 

before & after images

True likeness pictures ~ A selection of Renée’s recent work. Click on the images to enlarge.

Gemma: Healed

Mai: Before

Mai: After

Lizzie: Before

Lizzie: After

Lizzie: Healed

Seanade: Before

Seanade: After

Seanade: Flick

Nohad: Before

Nohad: After

Sibelle: Latino

Marilyn: Healed

What treatments are available?
  • Lash Line Enhancement
  • Eyeliner
  • Latino Eyeliner / Flicks
  • Eyeliner Shading
What are all the different options for eyes?

A lash line enhancement is intended to add definition to the eyes or create the illusion of more lashes.

For more of a makeup look then you can go for an eyeliner which can be built up as you would with conventional makeup.

For for something more stylised you can have a flick or shaded eyeliner.

What are the benefits?
  • Totally waterproof make-up
  • No more make-up in your handbag
  • No more smudging or running make-up come rain or shine
  • No need to wake up early to apply make-up
  • No need to touch up several times a day
  • Enhance your features and look your best at all times
  • Long lasting low maintenance beauty treatment lasting 1 to 3 years, sometimes more
What is the healing period like?

Expect minor swelling for the eyes and a light dryness will form which will fall off in a few days. During this time the pigmented area will look a little darker than your desired shade. However, after the dryness flakes off, the colour will lighten by up to 30%.

Detailed aftercare instructions will be given specific to each treatment.

How long before my wedding should I have it done?

I would ensure that you have at least 6 weeks before your wedding, or special occasion for best results.  That’s so that you can get a follow up in and be fully healed before the wedding.


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