Semi-Permanent makeup or medical tattooing is technically known as Micro pigmentation and is a process of pigment implantation; This means that it involves a specialist technique where minute particles of coloured pigment are placed below the surface of the skin. More commonly it is used to create makeup for eyes brows and lips but at an advanced level Micro pigmentation can be used all over the body to camouflage and correct hairloss or skin related pigmentation issues both aesthetically and medically.

The treatment is painless for most and requires no down time after treatment so no one has to know you’ve had anything done unless you want them to.

The procedure is both safe and medically approved when carried out by a competent technician. The products used at The Dermatography Clinic have a history of long-term use and to date there have been no recorded cases of allergic reactions due to applied pigments.

Developed in Europe by the leading manufacturers of Digital Machines and Semi-permanent Make-up consumables, our pigments are of the purest quality and carry a certificate to verify hygiene and pharmaceutical grade.

Rene’e has s undertaken rigorous training in all aspects of the preparation and application of Micro pigmentation.


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