This is something I have wanted to do for a long while but have been put off by going into a large beauty parlor. After plucking up courage, contacted Renée and thought, right, have done it now. Renée right from the start put me at ease and explained everything from start to finish. It was very exciting. The actual treatment was pain free and quite pleasant experience. Renée is very professional.


I was nervous but Renée put me at ease both at the initial consultation and the actual procedure right through. She’s not pushy and explains everything extremely well to ensure you feel comfortable. Once you’ve had something done by this artistic lady, you’ll come back for more. Thanks Renée.


Excellent job. Renée puts you totally at ease and has lots of patience. Thought eyelids would be very painful but was surprised to find it almost therapeutic. I would definitely recommend her. Very pleased and looking forward to seeing her again. Forgot to mention eyebrows. Fantastic.


Renée, I just want to say what a lovely girl. She cares and is so passionate about her work. I love my new eyebrows. They are perfect. She takes her time to give you exactly what you want. She is a perfectionist. Thank you so much, Renée


Dear, Renée. I’m so glad I did this to my brows. Looking back at how sparse my eyebrows looked before, I can attend my fitness classes and not worry about if I had rubbed my eyebrow pencil off while sweating. Renée has done such a good job and the atmosphere is totally relaxing with no pressure as to how my eyebrows should look. I have 100% input. Very happy with the result. Thanks, Renée. Will be back again for my eyes.

-Peggy Sealy

I was so glad that I made the decision to go and do something with my eyebrows. Rene`e is extremely good at what she does. Her confidence simply puts you at ease. Excellent service.

-Michelle MaBell Guevara

100% recommend the Dermatography clinic. Have been going since 2011 and my eyebrows are fantastic. It’s actually life changing and Renée always gives 110% to making my brows and eyes perfect!

-Kay McMahon

Really thrilled with the shape, the colour and the process. Renée is a gifted artist and a calm professional. I have no qualms recommending her services.

-Pat Hewett-Marvell

Thank you Renée for my new eyebrows, which are perfect. I keep getting compliments about how well I look, which is wonderful, especially as hardly anyone has spotted exactly why I look better. I am coming back for the eyeliner soon.

-Sabina Virtosu

She is very enthusiastic in what she does and her talent and love for her job shines through all the time. I am happy to the moon and back and honestly cannot thank her enough for her wonder work.

-Nicky Keen

Renée, I truly can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you did. I have now got beautiful natural looking eyebrows. You have helped me so much, I feel this has given me back my confidence, I felt before that I had completely lost myself. I used to try not to ever look in a mirror or have photos taken as all I saw was a faceless sad looking face. Now I see me, with a defined looking face, with eyebrows and a smile……I never expected such a fantastic transformation, the results has been completely unbelievable. I would recommend a visit to you, the time and the effort you spent understand what I wanted.

-JY Norris

All I can say is that she put a big smile back on my face. She’s very skilled, talented and professional with many years of experience behind her.You’re definitely in great hands! I 100% recommend her.


I now have wonderful eyebrows that defines and enhances my face and features and I do not ” stress” about spending time each morning trying to pencil in eyebrows. If like me you are unsure about having eyebrow tattoos done I can with confidence recommend that you contact Renée and see her about your specific needs and I feel that she would be the person able to address your concerns and advise you.  I will always appreciate what Renée was able to do for me.

-Nicola Morgan

I would recommend Renée without hesitation. Not only is she a brilliant artist but she also strives to understand her customers and their needs beyond anyone I’ve ever met. Thank you Rene’e!

-Michelle Feeney

I have been visiting Renée since 2011 after completing a fair amount of research as I was losing my eyebrow hair (from hypothyroidism). I have been to Renée for my eyebrows AND eyeliner and she has always been professional. My mother even got her eyebrows sorted with Renée too. She is 100% dedicated to helping people- yes it’s expensive but I don’t need to do anything to my brows when I wake up. If you’re worried about the choice of semi permanent make-up…do it and you won’t regret it!

-Marilyn Carey

I would highly recommend Rene’e at the Dermatography clinic. Her attention to detail, precision and passion are second to none. I have always felt completely at ease knowing I’m in the safest hands. You will not be disappointed and I would not hesitate to return to her for any treatment. My mum has been to her too and was thrilled with the results.

-Wendy Knox

Never have I trusted someone so implicitly and been so astounded at the breadth and beauty of her work.


I’m a 23 year old man who has always had alopecia of the eyebrows. Now, thanks to Renée, I have bushy, natural-looking brows! The results are amazing and it’s the solution I’ve always been looking for. Huge confidence boost and I 100% recommend it to any men or women out there who feel their eyebrows are lacking. Being a man I wanted a natural masculine look, and Renée was totally responsive to this. She also picked exactly the right colour as it perfectly matches my head hair. She is a master at shaping eyebrows using micro-pigmentation, and carefully designs the new brows in a way that suits your look/gender. She’s also the loveliest person ever who goes above and beyond for every client. I never felt rushed or mistreated in any way at all, it was just a lovely experience and the results are amazing! Thanks Renée !!!

-M L

I am a returning client and I can honestly say that I am ecstatic about my eyebrows and will not go anywhere else. The first time I went to the clinic, I was extremely nervous – as you can imagine. Renée was very professional and understood my concerns and we discussed every stage of the procedure. It was such a relief to look in the mirror and see my eyebrows looking so natural (following an illness which resulted in them not growing back fully). I returned yesterday to have them redone and Renée was as friendly and professional as always. She also offers a follow-up appointment to check the results after four weeks and make any necessary adjustments, which is included in the original price. My brows look fantastic and friends have complimented me. Thank you, Renée!

-Yvonne Wootton

I have been visiting Renée for several years and can honestly say she is quite amazing. Having lost all my eyebrow hair I needed to find someone who understood how vulnerable it made me feel. Renée put me at ease listened to my story and her empathy and professionalism shone thru when helping me make decisions about moving forward with having my eyebrows digitally micro bladed. I never felt rushed and her step by step consultancy was just the best. I had previously been to a Harley street professional, who rushed me, sat me outside the lift whilst waiting for the numbing cream to work, offered me expensive creams (yes she measured my face!) But after 6 months the colour had faded and she was twice the price (paid for her louboutins twice). Renée on the other hand went through each stage step by step, asked all the right questions, and worked with me to decide the best colour and shape. This lady is a miracle worker. I have had so many compliments and referred friends and even strangers working at beauty counters who have commented on how great my brows look. If you want great brows then book with Renée.

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