Beauty Mark

The Treatment

Permanent beauty mark tattoo artificial beauty spot


Before & After Images

True likeness pictures ~ A selection of Renée’s recent work. Click on the images to enlarge.

  • Located on the face, shoulder, neck or breast a beauty mark tattoo is a small dark artificial spot applied as an adornment with permanent cosmetics.  Usually applied with makeup artificial beauty marks have been fashionable for years and correctly placed can enhance your features.

  • Just like permanent make up a beauty spot will last between one and three years.

  • Traditional tattoos are made using ink.  In cosmetic tattooing we use pigments which means that your beauty mark or freckle can be applied in a colour that will look realistic.

  • For your safety, it is best that a mole not be tattooed over.

  • To some, natural freckles may be a annoying to others, they’re a fashion statement.  Believe it or not, facial freckle tattoos have become trendy because of Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle.


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